Catcher is a nightly event which tells a story. The story starts with deephouse and flows into techno. It warms you up for the last night of the weekend. But the week-'end' doesn't end here. The story doens't stop. You are caught by Catcher. This event mainly attracts people who really love to dance. Music with a lovely and fast beat, so put your dancing shoes on and stop hanging at the bar stool. Once you're caught, Catcher won't let go! As if you are in trance, your body won't stop dancing.

"Catch in the moment"
"Catch in the vibe"
"Catch in the music"
"Catch in the spirit"
"Catch in the movement"
Let it be an eye catcher, a dream catcher, while you're awake. Catcher will take you on a journey for your mind, body and soul.